Saturday, March 13, 2010

Demand Studios Eats a Cockatoo

One of Cockatoo's articles recently got flagged for plagiarism on Demand Studios.

Well...guilty as charged. The entire content was pulled from a single article found on the web, which happened to contain everything I needed (Yay!) to write the grubby $15 piece. Unfortunately, Cockatoo got lazy and didn't reword things diligently enough, apparently. Damn it, could have used those 15 bucks. Oh well.

I guess this is a sign Cockatoo will have to start preparing herself for braving the outside world again, since her prospects for making a buck in total isolation (oh the sweetness...) seem to be dwindling. No, Cockatoo will not become a computer programmer. She dislikes computers only slightly less than she dislikes people. Freelance writing was an idea, but that would probably sooner or later involve talking to people - editors, interview subjects, etc. - so it's not really ideal either. It's probably the lesser of many evils, though. And by "evils" I mean "crappy job possibilities that at least preserve my dignity as an intelligent human being who is capable of at least some small degree of independent thought".

(I think what I would really like to be, actually, is a certified nail technician. Just because I like clipping nails and trimming cuticles, my own and others'.)

There's nothing like a degree in philosophy for not only making you less marketable, but also making you less desiring of being marketable. Or maybe these are just the conditions that make you want to get a degree in philosophy in the first place. In any case, not at all a recipe for success. Then again, who needs success when you have philosophy?

No, I didn't forget about the tips. They're up next. Go grab a snack.

Cockatoooooo(smoker's cough, cough, COUGH, phlegm, spit, ahhhh...)

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